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Chitra Nakshatra Career/Professions (Vedic Astrology)

Graphical representation of your luck is shown for the whole year and for each month. Panchang, Auspicious timings and Favorable activities for personal and official use are listed for all th This Digital product contains good Muhurtha date with timings from January to December for Chitra Nakshatra - Thula Rasi. Panchang, Auspicious timings and Favorable activities for personal and official use are listed for all the good dates of the year.

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Chitra Nakshatra Characteristics & Compatibility

Kindle Edition. More Details I am create wonderful constructions, bringing of pleasure and delight. I sparkle, glitter, and am admired. I am precious, important, desirable, expensive, privileged, glamorous, wonderful, spectacular, praiseworthy, and elegant. I am valuable, rare, amazing, and receive much attention. I benefit others and like to be shown to the public, but protected. I am the gem of great price. Compete with me. Vocabulary for Chitra Nakshatra vaSTR carpenter, maker of carriages "creator of living beings", former of the bodies of men and animals the heavenly builder, maker of divine implements, esp.

In addition to the warlike competitiveness of Mangala, Chitra benefit from the calendaring, scheduling, logical argumentation and categorical organization of Budha. Hands of Chitra makes manual drawings of their schemes; they like to do several drafts of a plan, although in a pinch Chaitra can sketch a good battle plan with a stick in the dirt.

Engaging the hands is key to success. The hand-to-body connection is strong. Often skilled in martial arts involving sharp and decisive hand movement. Direct Kuja but articulate Budha - depending on the constitution of Kuja and Budha in the kundali. Others who handle drawings, maps, and plans include urban planners, city managers, advisers on complex environmental issues, designers of cityscapes and fantasy environments in literature and video games.

Page 8 Other applications of their talent which engages direct-attack tactics in the context of carefully considered and detailed, highly organized and mapped pre-planning Notes for students of Jyotisha Bharati, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, India by Anthony Writer 9. Page 9 Citra's Devataa Viswakarmaa Creator of the Universe also known by Prajapati — lord of the creatures is the supreme creator or producer. A small portion of the Nakshatra is in Kanya a sign of intellect and the rest is in Tula a sign of beauty and trade.


In Kanya, in relation to a person it givesthe idea of one having knowledge or intellect in various subjects or a tactful person or an efficient surgeon. But in Tula, it gives an idea of an artist — in painting or in screen or an efficient perfumer. Kanyaa being an earthy sign the idea may denote one who is capable of good planning, an engineer.

Viswakarmaa has special qualities of arranging things in order, things that are ready made, fashioned either in the making of garments or in an engineering factory and thus it connotes the idea of collecting, gathering, piling up of various materials presenting beautiful appearance. It is striking, excellent or distinguished. In mythology Viswakarmaa does building, architecture, aeroplanes, firearms, bridges, sculptor worksetc.

Born of the sister of Brhaspati he gave his daughter merit Samga correct knowledge in marriage with Surya the supreme creator. A person born in this Nakshatra defeats his enemies gallantly, is an expert in politics and has extraordinary intelligence. They enjoy good health and always appear much younger than their actual age.

Ascendat in Chitra:Strong ego, engaged n variety of pursuits, wealthy, lives away from birth place, wears colourful clothes, jewelry, expressive nature, graceful, desire for spiritual liberation, honest. The Moon in Chitra: Beautiful body, attractive eyes, artistic, strong sexual apetite, great lovers, recognized even in large crowd, trouble with father, benefits through mother, good astrologers, intuitive, prophetic. The moon in Chitra indicates someone with good opportunities in life, with charisma, charm, and glamor.

They love bright colors, jewellery and beautiful things and are artistic. They are also spiritual and have great insight, and are good conversationalists and organizers. Many of them will pursue higher education and will retain a lifelong thirst for knowledge.

What Does Your Nakshatra Say About You? – Chitra Nakshatra

The Sun in Chitra: Warrior nature, militant, cunning, harsh at times, interest in art, photography, music, strong need for recognition. Career interests: Interior design, architects, jewelers, lawyers, judges, priests, religious people ,learned in Vedas, publications, radio, TV, film, armed forces, police, detective, research, teaching and intellectual pursuits, the visual arts, interior decoration, designing, landscaping etc Page 10 Health issues: ulcers, stomach, ailments like kidney and bladder troubles, psychiatric and brain disorders, sunstroke, forehead, skin allergies, wounds from insects, etc.

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Women should be careful about uterine problems. A smug, arrogant and self -indulgent nature can also develop.

Chitraalso reflects the world of maya and delusory appearances, connected with the work of magicians and other masters of illusion. Chitra natives has a special interest in solving the mystery behind beautiful creations of nature and they are usually very good at understanding the complex and mysterious details of things much faster than many other nakshatra type natives. In its higher aspects, Chitra natives can be the ones to look into the secrets, mysteries and illusions of the super-natural realms and connect themselves to these realms.

Chitra natives usually have some kind of mystery element involved in whatever they do and this element of mystery can be very difficult for the others to understand. For example, a Chitra native working on some of his future creation may look like an utter mysterious character to the people around him as whatever he is visibly doing, may not make much sense to such people and accordingly they are very much surprised when such natives comes up with a brilliant creation which seems to appear out of almost nothing.

Chitra natives have a strong ability to surprise people with their creative abilities. Vedic astrology associates many kinds of professional spheres with this nakshatra as it works under the influence of many different energies at the same time. According to many Vedic astrologers, natives under the influence of this nakshatra can be seen practicing in various professional fields practicing as Architects, dealers in gemstones and products made by gemstones, painters, artists, sculptors, fashion designers and other people dealing in fashion industry, photographers, composers, Interior designers, ornament makers and many other kinds of people in many other kinds of professions which are related to creativity on one level or the other.

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Some Vedic astrologers believe that the natives under the strong influence of mysterious Rahu on this nakshatra can be seen practicing as astrologers, psychics, spiritual people, magicians and other people dealing with the mystery and illusion aspect of nature. Jyotish considers Chitra Tender in nature and soft in functioning and these classifications can be understood by looking at the working of this nakshatra.

About Nakshatra:

Vedic astrologers assign the Varna of Vaishya to this nakshatra which can again be understood on the basis that creations are most of the times made by working class people and working class people are considered as Vaishyas in Indian Jyotish. Vedic astrology assigns the Gun of Tamasic to this nakshatra and the Gana of Rakshas is assigned to this nakshatra.

Many Vedic astrologers associate the above mentioned classifications of this nakshatra, with the fact that Rakshasas are far better in understanding the mysteries of Maya or illusions, than Dev or Manav and since Rakshasas are considered Tamasic in Gun, so this nakshatra has been classified as Tamasic in Gun and Rakshas in Gan, by ancient Vedic astrologers. The element assigned to this nakshatra is Fire which helps this nakshatra make its creations as fire is a direct form of energy and the ruling deity of this nakshatra, Mars is considered as a direct signifier of Fire and Energy in Indian Jyotish.

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