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Next up is the larger and deeper Sky Atlas The next up, once you know your way around, are the even larger Interstellarum atlas stars to magnitude 9. And read how to use sky charts with a telescope. You'll also want a good deep-sky guidebook, such as Sue French's Deep-Sky Wonders collection which includes its own charts , Sky Atlas Can a computerized telescope replace charts? Not for beginners, I don't think, and not on mounts and tripods that are less than top-quality mechanically meaning heavy and expensive. And as Terence Dickinson and Alan Dyer say in their Backyard Astronomer's Guide , "A full appreciation of the universe cannot come without developing the skills to find things in the sky and understanding how the sky works.

This knowledge comes only by spending time under the stars with star maps in hand. Mercury , Venus , and Mars remain out of sight in the glare of the Sun. Mercury will emerge into dawn view next week, but Venus and Mars are basically gone until October. South here is up. Note the blue festoons in the Equatorial Zone, the bright marking at one of them, and the pronounced, even ripples in the south edge of the bright North Tropical Zone.

Jupiter magnitude —2. Jupiter and Antares form a shallow isosceles triangle with Delta Scorpii Dschubba to their right. In a telescope Jupiter is still 43 arcseconds wide. See Bob King's observing guide to Jupiter. Saturn on July 16th, imaged by Damian Peach with the 1-meter Chilescope in average seeing. Uranus magnitude 5. Neptune magnitude 7. Finder charts for Uranus and Neptune. All descriptions that relate to your horizon — including the words up, down, right, and left — are written for the world's mid-northern latitudes.

Descriptions that also depend on longitude mainly Moon positions are for North America. Audio sky tour. Out under the evening sky with your earbuds in place, listen to Kelly Beatty's monthly podcast tour of the heavens above. It's free. Test ideas by experiments and observations. Build on those ideas that pass the test. Reject the ones that fail. With Venus on Sado, love and cruelty are inextricably bound. Further along that theme she has Nessus the Abuser on the same degree as Juno the Spouse. He could not resist the opportunity to rape her, and did not.

Ariel Castro had raging Mars and prominent Nessus, go figure. The presence of the Node in all of this is almost like an exclamation point or an underline. Really the chart quite clearly shows a person who makes the kind of choices she has made. This is the point of her entire life. She is a highly polarizing figure with this extreme Pluto.

She seems to have almost the entire world polarized against her. Just add a certain intractability and belief that she really is special and different from everybody else, because Uranus is in the mix. Hoda has an interesting Vesta the True Believer. Her own rampaging, sadistic, Mars-inflected Pluto overtook her ability to recognize the sacred. This is where her materialistic Capricorn Neptune screwed her right over. It paved the way for her to just think she can do whatever she wants. Everything is extreme with her, including her Ceres Mars.

She claims to be some activist of not doing this sort of thing now, yadda yadda GFY. That all seems just on the nose, in terms of Jupiter being the government and Pluto being the extremist that rips a hole in the Earth so he can rape a little girl. This bitch is crazy. She should definitely not come back here. Her Chiron is in Virgo, ruled by Mercury. Virgo is where we refuse to internalize anything beyond the intellectual level. And that Virgo detachment from internalizing the emotional realities of other people surely helps her be an ISIS bride in the first place.

People are often something of an abstract concept to Virgo.

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She needs to get that other people are real, which is incidentally really hard for sociopaths. She comes to mind as I get ready to try to find some balance about all the shit this has stirred up in me. But I may at some point Astrosplain Nasim, because I am baffled by her as well. Unlike Hoda, who appears to be a highly aggressive, sadistic sociopath. I intend to Astrosplain the American contenders for all to see. Fortunately the database at astro. Like Kamala Harris , the very real issue is that nobody has gotten anywhere in politics in my country without playing the corporate game for a very long time, until AOC came along.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle made their lives easier by courting big-dollar donors. That and the continued existence of the Electoral College are why the Democrats have so little credibility. During my lifetime America has only had Republican and Republican Lite to choose from. Kamala Harris is very bright, and has gotten out in front of this by seeking small-dollar donations.

But it may also be too little too late for her. People are waking up to the stench. So my challenge is to give the Democrats a chance to evolve and prove themselves. First things first, Cory Booker has the Sun in the 3rd house at 6 Taurus. Saturn is also in the 3rd house, but in Aries, ruled by Mars. It is seen to impart brutishness and physical violence, base character, and loss of reputation similar to Seginus the Guard.

So of course there are two sides to everything. The proximity to the Sun here is closer than a combustion. You know that little gap of clarity between the actual Sun and the corona? In sum, I feel like Corey Booker could be a very decent guy who kind of gets used and lied to by partners.

He could also be a huge liar himself, with Pinocchio on the Descendant and Lie on the Midheaven. If he has been unfaithful in his behind the scenes activities while holding public office, Lie and Neptune both on the Midheaven, as well as Pholus in the 1st house, suggest that dishonesty could blow up in his face like a trick cigar. However, the 12th is the house of both secret enemies and self-undoing.

In a way, hanging with a bad crowd that stabs you in the back is a means of self-undoing. Artnunymiss Art in the Name of Love. Skip to content. Gentle Reader Liz asked for a tarot layout about her job. In this case Earth means everything about the material world, to include money, the home, and health, literally everything we own physically.

I found her upright in the money pile. So this really is about making her ends meet, and Liz is clear on what the problem is. Sometimes the cards send me in a very different direction than the client. All of the other cards are Minor Arcana, in other words things that will come to pass.

When the Chariot is reversed, the idea is to not push the river. Your thoughts and ideas may be getting in the way of your glorious destiny. You must be present in your moment, because when the sphinxes decide to move there will be no warning. But wherever they take you will be better than you could imagine. I have detailed each card in its position in the video below. In summary, Liz must recognize that she is rock solid. She has performed as expected or better. The problem truly is on the other side. The employer may not be as internally stable as she has thought, and may be robbing Peter to pay Paul.

In other words staying put may not be the safest option. The paradox of the Chariot is that sometimes you go farthest by not moving at all. The outcome of this layout is all good news. Liz will find a better position, much easier on her mind and body. When she truly recognizes her own value and rejects the confusion and pettiness of her employer, she will gravitate to a better situation. The means of getting to this better place may be a young person, and it may be an email or even something like a flyer.

Liz can consider that her life may be much more exciting than she can imagine right now. She need not try to make it so, but practice simply allowing it to be so.

Astrology: ALDEBARAN (The Royal Behenian kabbalistic star)

Hello everyone! Smell ya later! Separated at birth? Gents and Gamines, So, this guy. She has multiple things going against her here: In Virgo, the virginal sign of not connecting with others at the heart level as Venus lives to do; Conjunct Saturn, the guy who makes everything cold, sour, and materially focused; Both of those conjunct Regulus the Heart of the Lion , which does not bode well for anyone with as little integrity — or personal integration is another way to say that — as Paul LePage.

I will give you a quick synopsis: Sun and Pluto both in Scorpio. Mars-Pluto ruled chart. Sun and Mars in mutual reception.

Mars is the primary ruler, with Pluto also exalted in his own sign. This is a very egotistical, self-centered, highly aggressive girl. Locomotive chart with Mars at the engine and Saturn the caboose. Mars on the same degree as Ceres, 12 Leo, showing extreme motivation, a willingness to charge into hell. There about degrees to the Moon conjunct the raging Leo Mars. Her Moon and chart-dominating Mars are both ruled by the Sun, her sense of self, her belief in her own validity. Nessus conjunct Juno, literally the spouse or partner of the domestic abuser. Pallas Athena is the field marshal, the one who sees patterns and creates strategies with her diamond-shaped, highly rational head.

Note that this is at 19 Taurus, the sign of Venus in her spoiled wife role as opposed to her hostess wife role in Libra. This is really on the nose for an ISIS bride. This is a very egotistical, aggressive person with the Mars described above. Pluto is exalted, and she has two fixed star contacts adding extreme capability. She does not have a medium setting, and is unlikely to ever chill out. All of this suggests her in partnership with a violent sadist who also abuses her. Limitations and cold, hard realities can be very foggy for her. This little charmer has at least two high-voltage fixed-star contacts: Mercury on Spica and thus Arcturus Saturn on Fomalhaut As always, these are blessings or curses depending upon the integrity of the native.

To go straight back to the astrology skip ahead to the next set of asterisks. Gentle reader, I intend to Astrosplain the American contenders for all to see. Venus herself is debilitated in Aries and retrograde. The retrograde can keep people stuck in the past, especially when it affects Venus and relationships. Taurus is stubborn and territorial, and does expect to be supported.

Venus-Mars charts are about rallying people to action.

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This is a fine trend to see among Democratic leadership generally I must say. Venus retrograde in Aries suggests one who is likely to inadvertently trample others underfoot. Venus is specifically where we ARE supported, where we remain passive and allow others to take the active role of giver or doer.


In Aries, not so much, first sign of the zodiac and all, smashing his way to the front with his head. Taurus and Capricorn are the material kids, who love the dollar bills. The 2nd house is like the safe of the zodiac, where we stash what we really care about. The Descendant is where we look for the things we learn in relationships. This is where we partner up to discover more of ourselves by reflecting off of another person. The 7th house Moon is about being very much emotionally affected by other people, though the Virgo placement dulls that. Virgo Moons show you they care by nitpicking, basically.

There is an unfortunate IMHO likelihood of staying in the head mind and difficulty connecting to the heart mind. Virgo also likes things to stay the same, or at least predictable, which is not how the Moon plays. Virgo likes to make lists. The Moon controls dreams.

Try making a list in a dream. So chart-ruling Venus is beholden to Mars here, due to being located in Aries. Mars himself is located in Sagittarius in the 11th house, which I have to say is probably optimal for a politician. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, who represents the government and anything where one person represents many or is an icon. The 11th house is where we interact on a societal level, beyond your career in the 10th house to yourself as a citizen of the world. This is actually quite a nice Mars placement for Senator Booker, one of the best things in the chart in terms of his prospects.

It makes him likely one who can truly accomplish things. Before I go any further the chart shape here, when de-crapified, is an hourglass. He has about half of his planets on each side of the chart, with all of the action happening in houses and This sort of chart is about seeking balance, especially when you consider how personal houses are and how public are. With this in mind I think the Virgo Moon might actually be helpful, tamping down the emotions that I think could really go amok in another chart.

Specifically with his Sun inconjunct Pluto, this is someone who can be very much personally affected by very small things, and the Virgo Moon I think will keep that from throwing him off his game mood-wise. In general, like Kamala Harris this person is very much motivated by seeking balance. Mercury is quite prominent here, ruling the Moon, Pluto, and Jupiter. There are several high-voltage fixed-star contacts in this chart, and we see a native who has accomplished quite a lot in a short time, very young to be a national figure, especially for an African-American.

It can be an amazing blessing if your integrity is up to speed. Kamala Harris also has an Algol contact. This can afford extreme creativity, in this case making Senator Booker extraordinarily clever, as it is a Mercury placement and on the IC, in the bottom of his heart. Saddam Hussein also had Mercury on the IC, and was notoriously quite clever. Algol is a binary star, which has a blinking effect, creating a sort of intermittence to the extremely high-voltage ideas and opportunities.

Flashes of extreme loss of intellectual boundaries. The very last degree of the zodiac is a magical place where anything can happen. In an Algol-contact chart I think that is even more so. But he would be the best Vice President ever, I have no doubt. One thing that works against Corey is Scorpio ruling the Midheaven. That is going to make it hard for people to trust him, like with Richard Ojeda. The Mars-Pluto corulership can be a boon in terms of Mars being the guy who gets things done.

But Pluto will gladly coerce you, and he never shows both hands at the same time. See how that will tend to freak people out? If the integrity is strong, if the native has a sense of the sacred, this Scorpio Midheaven is an awesome strength. Same if he feels like destroying it, which Pluto the Devil usually does and Mars the God of War is a bad influence in that regard. If he comes up with a plan and says it will work, even if it seems drastic, it will work. His Ascendant is at 1 Aquarius, again suggesting one who seeks balance albeit not necessarily in a heart-centered way.

Uranus is at 0 Libra, Saturn in Aries. That cardinal Uranus Ascendant really wants to get out there, and with his 11th house Mars, make his ideas a reality in the world.

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Also with Mercury on Algol look for them to involve their siblings or families in their schemes. Senator Booker has America at 7 Sagittarius, conjunct fixed star Antares. Antares is of course currently on an axis with fixed star Aldebaran, as I have yippity yapped about ad nauseum on this blog so far. So because of the semi-permanent opposition, I have to look at the other side and — rut roh — he has asteroid Gold on Aldebaran. Now, Gold on Aldebaran could be and may be the best thing ever, a native who honors integrity above all else, who wishes to be the most noble of men, like the Archangel Michael walking around.

However with America on Antares, that guy is likely to see America as incredibly fraught with limitations, because Antares is the spot where we feel most disempowered, least at-choice, least able to assert our will. This Antares-Aldebaran thing reads to me — especially in the context explained above of this specific chart — as one who thinks he knows what we want and need better than we know.

I usually check asteroid Gold to see how attached they are to money, like how materialistic or greedy in general. However there are a couple of major red flags with respect to integrity, namely asteroid Lie less than a degree off the Midheaven and Pinocchio on the Descendant. This suggests that he may at some point be caught in a lie, and that there will be no escaping it. Nammu is probably one of the most ancient Goddesses. There is a cross over of mythological tales between the two relating to Andromeda.

In this myth Marduk slays the Tiamet. Both myths Andromeda represents the divine feminine. The Tiamet is responsible for creating the world and is the original Goddess in Sumerian mythology from whom all Gods and Goddesses are descended. Inanna possesses the Mes in all other myths after receiving them from Enki and as such is in control of all destinies. Alpheratz was also part of the square of Pegasus and denotes the ability to intuitively sense the future path. When she wore it, she was irresistible! Other goddesses sometimes borrowed this girdle when they wanted to turn on their love light.

When we wear the Girdle of Venus, we surround ourselves in an aura of love, desire, beauty, magnetism and charm. This is the natural beauty of our spirit that shines through, no matter what our physical appearance looks like. This star represent the procreative energy of both Inanna and Nammu. Those with aspects represent the fertility of these Goddesses. Almach 14 Taurus Left foot of Inanna represents her high status and those with aspects to Almach are being reminded of their own divine nature and power. This star gives inner strength, self-respect and dignity to those with aspects to it.

Alcyone is at 0 degrees Gemini, this star is the most prominent star of the Pleiades. The Pleiades is mentioned in Job Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades,…. This may in a spiritual sense relate to the effects of powerful and efficacious influences which are irresistible to the soul. The flowers symbolize the gifts of mother nature, pruning the trials and challenges of life and the turtle dove peace. The Plaides mother was Pleione the Nymph associated with multiplication of flocks or herds.

Alcyone confers ruler-ship, prominence and plenty for those born under her influence who are willing to work for it. Although these individuals often face challenges in life before reaching their potential if they remain true to themselves they can reach great heights. In the natal chart therefore the individual may undergo many spiritual trials but will be sustained through life by the gifts of the natural world and by an inner peace. Posted May 11, by neptune's Aura Astrology in Fixed stars.

Zosma the fixed star on the back of Leo the Lion means girdle.

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Leo is associated with Anahita and Cybele as well as other ancient Goddesses. Anahita means the pure one and she is connected to both water and mountains as is Cybele. The Ephesian Artemis also has connections to Cybele and has lions depicted on carvings of the Goddess at the Temple of Artemis. This Amazonian cult links to Otrera daughter of the East Wind and consort of Ares who is reputed to have founded the temple and her daughter Hippolyta.

Hippolyta was given a girdle or belt as a symbol of her divine right to rule the Amazonians. The girdle was an emblem of feminine strength and independence. Zosma then can be seen to infer strong and independent feminine energy to the individual. Zosma lies at 12 degrees Virgo and if this fixed star is prominent in your natal chart themes of the divine feminine, strength and independence will play out in your natal chart.

Vega or more correctly Wega is a star in the constellation of the Lyra. Wega is Arabic for fallen and this is said to be because the constellation was represented as a vulture in ancient times, however the name could relate to the fact that it fell from the pole and this information was passed orally between generations. In the natal chart this star represents old beliefs of our common ancestors, connection to nature and the natural cycle, change and falling away of what was, the perpetual cycle of life and evolution. Vega represents an understanding of cycles and the purpose of beliefs, symbols and mythology as an expression of who we are.

Posted May 8, by neptune's Aura Astrology in Fixed stars. Ras Alhague or Alpha Ophiuchi is the star in the head of Ophiuchus — wrestler. It lies at 22 degrees Sagittarius. Ras Alhague is connected to the god Apollo. I see this constellation and its stars as representing not only the healing aspect but also in some circumstances representing an ability to understand symbolic meaning and to predict omens.

Apollo traditionally sent the serpent to clean the ears of the Pythia, High Priestess of the Temple of Apollo, so she could hear the voice of prophesy. Being babies they were too young to cope with this ability wisely and in mythology Cassandra is never believed whilst Helenos causes the downfall of Troy through revealing its weakness to the enemy.

Ras alhague gives one the ability to work with symbols from science, engineering, electronics to astrology, tea-leaf reading and psychoanalysis. If this fixed star is prominent in your natal chart then the asteroids of Apollo, Kassandra, Helenos and Pythia may give some greater indications on how these gifts will develop. Tagged with Ras Alhague. Humbaba give Gilgamesh seven radiances, the severed head of Humbaba predates that of Medusa and early archaic Greek depictions of Medusa portray her as bearded with the staring eyes and flowing hair of Humbaba.

The first aura of the fields is the base chakra, Muladhara which grounds us to the physical world and gives us stability. The third aura of the reed beds is the Manipura, which is our sense of identity, self esteem and ego. The fourth aura of the Lions is the Unbeaten or heart chakra, the Anahata which is our compassion and love. The fifth aura of the palace is the throat chakra or purification, Vishuddha which gives us wisdom and honesty in communication.

The sixth aura of the forests is home of humbaba is the third eye chakra or centre of command, Ajna which is intuitive insight, wisdom and visualization of other planes of existence. The seventh aura of the underworld is the thousand petaled lotus, Sahasrara which gives us integration of cosmic awareness, enlightenment and at-one-ment with universe. When times of environment strain meant communities were struggling for food a human sacrifice was voluntarily given to the earth in order to regenerate it these individuals willing sacrificed their own auras to replenish the earth and ensure the survival of their communities.

The sacrificial person was manicured, shaven and well treated before death. The death itself involved two people standing at either side while the person knelt one with a ceremonial spear made from deer antler pierced the neck whilst another struck with an axe. Algol is also connected to the myth of Inanna and Dumuzi where Dumuzi sacrifices his life to return Inanna Venus, as a fertility Goddess to the earth.

aldebaran asteroid astrology Aldebaran asteroid astrology
aldebaran asteroid astrology Aldebaran asteroid astrology
aldebaran asteroid astrology Aldebaran asteroid astrology
aldebaran asteroid astrology Aldebaran asteroid astrology
aldebaran asteroid astrology Aldebaran asteroid astrology
aldebaran asteroid astrology Aldebaran asteroid astrology
aldebaran asteroid astrology Aldebaran asteroid astrology

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