Saturn astrology effects

Effects of Saturn Benefic or Malefic in Horoscope

Better early life.


Difficulty recovering from unexpected changes. It can also represent the father or guru. With an affinity to Sagittarius and Jupiter, the ninth house is concerned with philosophy, religion, morals, dharma including marriage , and education. In bad dignity, one can be dogmatic and unyielding and feel out of place in their culture.

5 Tips For Surviving the 12222-2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn

She can experience obstacles to travel. The tenth house is related to Capricorn and Saturn, so Saturn is at home here. In good dignity, hard work pays off, the ability to stay the course, sense of duty, and consistency all prepare a person for greater achievement. In poor dignity, she may not make it past obstacles, may have conflicts with authority, and may lack longevity in jobs, thus not gaining in status. Saturn is in his element in the eleventh house related to Aquarius and Saturn.

We grow into what is in this upachaya house; whatever is there increases and adds to income. In good dignity, the stable, patient, consistent qualities of Saturn lead to wealth-building opportunities. One overcomes fears to make the most of his goals and aspirations. Malefics here are positive, but less so. Here, the individual meets lower goals or is tripped up, but carries on. The person sees greater gains as he gets older.

The twelfth house is about liberation and is related to Jupiter and Pisces. This house is about loss liberation is loss of attachment —what feels like loss in the material world is spiritual gain. This house relates to restraint, pilgrimages, life after death, self-realization, sexual pleasures, and the psyche as well as places of confinement like hospitals and prisons.

He may spend time in ashrams, hospitals, or prisons. In poor dignity, he uses resources unwisely or suffers other losses including physical freedom through poor choices or poor health. Saturn is not just an ominous planet in the chart, but also a teacher.

It is through the tenacity taught by Saturn that we move forward emotionally, materially, and spiritually. Fish, R. Asheville, NC. Santhanam, R. Ranjan Publications.

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Share this: Pinterest Facebook Twitter. Like this: Like Loading Also known as the Lord or Karma and Justice, Lord Shani is considered to be the most malefic planet that brings restrictions and misfortunes. It has the power to bring a difference in your personal and professional life. Therefore, it is very important that you know when and how to flow with the effects of Saturn.

Read Post a comment. Characters Remaining: Continue without login. The planet stands for tradition and obligation, which usually makes its influence one of complication and difficulty.

What Happens When Saturn Retrograde Ends? Here's The Forecast For Your Zodiac Sign

Since the dawn of astrology, it has been watched with anticipation, and its malefic influence has been feared. There are good sides to it, as well.

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Few things in the world are one sided. Saturn is the voice of reason, and the link to the past, the guardian against the folly easily caused by haste and carelessness.

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  7. Its force assures balance and stability - but the price can often be high. In financial astrology, its orb through the zodiac, as well as the aspects it forms with other planets, should be watched carefully. They reveal where problems and setbacks are to be expected, where complication will increase and reform will backfire. And it calculates the true results of businesses gone haywire - as in the case of the IT market of the last few years.

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